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Young people learn teamwork, leadership, and many other social and life skills through participation in team sports. Kids get exercise, and sports provide an outlet for energy. Studies have suggested sports involvement helps keep children safe and out of trouble. But, most of all, they have fun, build confidence, and develop lasting friendships. As a mom, I can’t imagine a child not having the same opportunities as my own kids have had on the field and on the court.

In March 2015, I set up H.A.S. Foundation as a way of “Helping Athletes Score.” My three children, for whom the foundation gets its initials, have played multiple team sports in our East Cobb community. They have been very fortunate to have had invaluable experiences and made many good friends. But, I know that there are young athletes who can’t say that. As long as a child is enrolled in school, is living or playing in Cobb County, and meets eligibility criteria, I want to help. The foundation’s goal is to provide a funding source so that those kids who want to play aren’t held back by circumstances beyond their control.

We are always looking to raise funds to support our mission, so feel free to let me know if you have an idea or wish to make a donation. My board of directors and I are available to speak with a sports organization we can partner with or other organizations who would like to learn more.

See you on the field!

Mary K. Litman
Executive Director & Founder of H.A.S. Foundation, Inc.